Welcome to the new CloudLab.

Please select from the regions listed below to access the closest server to you:
Generally closer is better, but if you are equidistant from two regions,
try both and see which performs better for you!

CloudLab Americas - East
Best for Eastern North America and also Central America or and South America

CloudLab Americas - West
Best for Western North America and also Central America, and South America

CloudLab EU Central
Best for Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa

CloudLab Global East
Best for Asia, Eastern Asia and Asia Pacific

Data stored on CloudLab is not automatically available across regions.
See below for more information about data and data retention on CloudLab.

1. Click the link for the CloudLab server nearest to you.
2. Sign in with your BAC email and password.
3. Chose to launch a full Desktop experience, or just an Application, and the session will prepare.
4. At the prompt, enter your BAC password to finish connecting.